5 ways to jumpstart your ab workout


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If you’re looking to upgrade your abs, all you need is a flat surface and a towel or mat to lie on. But where to start? Here’s a roundup of  videos to help get you started on strengthening your core essentials. Looking for a harder workout? Enhance each move by adding a dumbbell or exercise ball. Remember to think about your form!

The Bicycle
Targeting your rectus abdominis and internal/external obliques, the bicycle is an effective and challenging exercise that’s all about shaping your ‘six-pack.’

The Plank
Your stabilizer muscles – those found in the abs and back – are the focus of this endurance-building move. This is a tough one; see how long you can hold it!

Oblique Floor Crunch
Strong and toned obliques help achieve that desired V-shaped taper, but also provide balance and stability as part of the core muscles.

Vertical Leg Crunch
Another six-pack crusher, this exercise is just like a regular crunch – but with your legs straight up. Feel the intensity of this move for a bulletproof core.

Long Arm Crunch
Add some sweat to the traditional floor crunch by straightening your arms behind your head – hands clasped. This will emphasize the upper abs.