5 ways to quickly become the most hated person in the gym


Gym etiquette

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Who hasn’t been to the gym and watched someone, dripping with beads of sweat, wander off to the next machine without even glancing at the sanitizing station? Or were forced to listen to an entire cell phone conversation while trying to concentrate on leg presses? While you won't find a set of rules akin to the kind on a junior high classroom wall, there are some unwritten laws that peeve the masses when left unfollowed. Here are our top five.

1. Hogging a machine

If you can hear crickets chirping at the gym, then go ahead and use the equipment as long as you’d like (assuming there are plenty of machines to choose from). However, when the gym is busy, don’t hog the machines. Be respectful to those who are waiting and use the cardio machines no longer than 30 minutes. To add, if someone wants to work on a machine while you rest, let him or her.

2. Dropping equipment anywhere you like

Whether you’re at the dumbbell rack or taking a yoga class, place all of the weights, mats, blocks and equipment back where you found them. While you’re at it, dispose trash properly, place used towels in the proper bin, and return magazines to their shelves.

3. Talking on your cell phone

When it’s loud at the gym, people tend to talk louder on their cell phones to compensate. It can be a real distraction to those trying to “bring their A game.” Keep your phone turned off and be mindful of the noise you make (including how loud you grunt).

4. Leaving your personal stuff on the floor

This includes your gym bag, water bottle, purse, towel or any other item that could be overlooked and tripped over. Ask an employee how to rent a locker and keep your belongings in there.

5. Forgetting to clean off your sweat

Most gyms offer towel service, or provide a sanitizer with paper towels in accessible places around the gym. Therefore, wipe down your equipment thoroughly, even if you don’t sweat much. The next person using the equipment will appreciate the effort!