5 ways to beat the heat and save


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When temperatures soar the hum of air conditioning systems grow louder. According to a recently released report from the NOAA’s National Climactic Data Center's "State of the Climate: National Overview June 2012" the past 12 months saw average temperatures that were more than 3 degrees above the long-term average.

With the summer sweltering on and AC units getting turned on more often and working harder than ever, finding ways to save energy is getting tougher.

Here are five tips to reduce energy use during the summer:

  1. The federal government’s Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Clearinghouse suggests placing televisions and other appliances that give off heat away from the thermostat.
  2. Placement of AC units is also important. The Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Clearinghouse says AC units should be placed in the shade as AC units in the sun are less efficient.
  3. Be mindful of what and when you cook. According to the U.S. Green Building Council it is important to try to cook during the cooler hours of the day. Baking cookies in the oven can raise the room temperature by as much as ten degrees.
  4. Use a fan. Using a fan with can save energy costs because the fan, which uses less energy than an AC helps keep air flowing letting you use the AC a little less.
  5. Block out the sun, keep shades down and curtains closed during peak sun hours to keep the heat out of your home.

What do you do to save energy?