5 ways to reuse fabric scraps (no sewing skills required)


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Whether you’re a sewing expert or rue the day you ever tackled that Pinspired-quilting project, it’s not uncommon to be left with fabric scraps and no clue what to do with them. (Stained or ripped button-downs, old curtains and pillow covers count.) Here are quick and easy ways to put ‘em to work.

Make artwork: Throw that graphic print behind glass and impress friends and family with your worldly taste. Frames with mats are especially great for classing-up fabric and making it feel more like art. Other ways to use fabric as art: Add it to a frame in lieu of a mat, creating a frame of pattern around a centered photo, or stretch it over a wood frame for a painted canvas effect.

Bookmarks: Mark your page with no-sew bookmarks. These also make great gifts for bookworms!

Decorate hair: Sure, if you want to sew, you can craft a clean-lined fabric headband. But you could also just cut a long strip of fabric and leave it un-hemmed for a more rough-spun look (simply pull it around hair like a headband, and tie at the nape of the neck).

Create a mosaic: Use scissors and Mod Podge to turn scraps into a quilt-like surface for a table, bench, kids’ play table or dresser drawers. For a smaller project, use the same technique to cover a large wood letter or coasters.

Recover buttons: Recoverable buttons are available for upholstery projects (which is still a great use for them), but you can use yours to create cool tacks or magnets.