50 sandwich photos & recipes for 50 states


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One brave woman has set out on an honorable mission: to formulate a sandwich recipe for each state that truly represents each area. 

Photographer and fellow sammich lover Kelly Pratt created Stately Sandwiches as a platform to share her signature sandwich creations, which she produces based on Internet research, calls to local sandwich shops and good ole' fashioned books. 

HellaWella's home turf, New York, gets a classic Reuben, a beautiful melding of cheesy corned beef and sauerkraut goodness slapped between two buttery slices of rye bread. Maryland gets the distinguished crab cake sandwich (as it should) and Louisiana gets the muffuletta, which we greatly respect even though we secretly wish the oyster po'boy could have made the cut.

The sandwiches aren't always so predictable either. How would you choose signature sandwiches for states like Iowa, Rhode Island and Hawaii? Stately Sandwiches managed it — though Pratt is still working on completing the sandwich photos and recipes for all 50 states.

To see what's she's created so far — or to buy one of the prints for $20 to $28, depending on the size — check out StatelySandwiches.com and follow her progress on Facebook and Twitter

Here's a peek at 15 of her drool-inducing sandwich shots. 


California: Powerhouse


Colorado: Denver Sandwich


Georgia: Pimento Cheese