6 cheeses you need to throw on the grill right now


assorted cheese

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The evolution of barbecue has been an absolutely delicious one. On top of the usual omnivore-friendly fare of steaks, burgers, chicken, hot dogs and even oysters, folks grill everything from corn on the cob and potatoes to asparagus and pineapple. The sky's become the limit. Well, get ready to throw the following six cheeses on the grill right now. You won't be sorry. 


1. Haloumi


Endorsed by many a foodie as the grande dame of grill-friendly cheeses and typically made from sheep and goat’s milk, haloumi has a very firm texture. Make sure the slices are nice and dry, lightly coat them with olive oil and grill away. Here's a mouthwatering recipe from Bon Appétit's test kitchen.

Bon Appetit also recommends Cotija, Kasseri and Queso Panela for the grill.


2. Queso Tropical's Grilling Cheese

Tropical Cheese Industries 

Nota bene: Make sure to get the right type of cheese, because this brand offers a vast (and tasty) assortment, including the decadent and delicious (but not so healthy for you) "Queso de Freír" — or frying cheese. The Grilling Cheese is soft, but it will hold up on the grill without the need to break out a cedar plank. Enjoy its mild, creamy texture right off the grill or throw it in a salad for maximum yum.


3. Kefalotyri

Photo by Joshua Bousel for Serious Eats  

Serious Eats explains that this cheese, made from sheep and goat’s milk, is a hard cheese with a high melting point — which makes it ideal for the grill, as it will retain its shape. Check out this simple recipe, which calls for a bit of freshly squeezed lemon juice and fresh ground black pepper to taste.


4. Provoleta

Food Network 

This cheese, which is Argentina's and Uruguay's culinary gift to the world, is similar to a good-quality Provolone. You won't find an asado in Argentina that doesn't include Provoleta rounds along with a variety of meats. It's common to lightly brush the rounds with olive oil and grill until brown or even charred, if you prefer, and usually served on top of sliced of crusty bread. You can also top it with chimichurri sauce, as the Food Network illustrates here. Oh, yes. We think so.


5. Juustoleipa


Hailing from Finland and Sweden and also called Leipäjuusto, this cheese is made from Scandinavian cow’s milk cheese. Don't worry. Wisconsin also churns out Juustoleipa and calls it "bread cheese." Check out this recipe from the Fresh Exchange blog featured on Wisconsin Cheese Talk.


6. Paneer

Great British Chefs 

When we think paneer we probably think of it studding a plateful of saag paneer or tika masala, but it actually grills quite nicely. Skeptical? Well, check out this recipe by Alfred Prasad featured on Great British Chefs. He marinates paneer with yogurt, turmeric, ginger and spices and fills it with a mint chutney before throwing on the grill. The results will knock your socks off.