6 places you forget to clean, plus 6 solutions


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You’d never forget to clean the toilet or make the bed, but even the best homemakers can forget to scrub some of these sneaky, out-of-the-way spots. And that could mean they’re positively brimming with germs, allergen-packed dust or distracting clutter. It’s time to clean house. Your reward: a calming, germ-free environment.


Your wallet

Between the crumpled receipts, foreign coinage and store loyalty cards you’ll never use, it can be a major undertaking to try to dig out that coupon you know you just had.

The solution: Pull out all receipts and trash the majority. File all the receipts for tax deductible purchases, reimbursements, products with warranties and charitable donations. If you actually use them, stash store loyalty cards and coupons in a zipper pouch or mini file folder in your purse or car so that they aren’t impeding access to your cash and cards. Finally, wipe down all your cards with antibacterial wipes — think of all the strangers’ hands those have touched!


Your cell phone

According to the Daily Mail, cell phones have 18 times the bacteria of a toilet handle. And we’re guessing you probably wouldn’t rub your face against a toilet.

The solution: Disinfecting tech wipes are available in individual packets for wiping down your phone on the go. UV light cleaning stations also work on phones, headphones and other electronics you may forget to scrub.


Windowsills and tracks

Sure, you wipe away all those smudges on the glass, but what about the tracks the windows slide in or the sill where your cat plops its bottom eight hours out of every day (shudder)? Yep, they need a little TLC, too.

The solution: The outside of the windows’ tracks can just be hosed off to banish critters, cobwebs and dirt. Inside, dust everything off and then spray with a multi-purpose disinfectant. Use a toothbrush to get into the tracks, and just use a standard cloth for sills.


Knobs and light switches

Just thinking about how often we touch light switches, doorknobs, cabinet drawer pulls and handles gives us the heebie-jeebies. Even if you wipe these down occasionally, it’s probably not often enough.

The solution: The quick and easy solution is to tackle these guys with one disinfectant wipe in one lap around the house. Of course, any spray disinfectant would work, too. The trick is remembering to do it. Try creating a trigger like, “Every time I take out the garbage, I’ll wipe down all the light switches and knobs.”


Toothbrush holder

Try not to think about the nastiness you can find lurking at the bottom of the toothbrush holder … Or just how close that grossness gets to your mouth on a daily basis.

The solution: You can soak it in a solution of one part bleach to three parts water and then rinse, according to Good Housekeeping, or just wash it in the top rack of your dishwasher.


Above-the-head dust magnets

There were too many of these to give each their own section. So consider this your friendly reminder. Don’t forget to dust ceiling fans, tall appliances (like refrigerators), on top of doors and door frames, tall bookshelves, the tops of picture frames, and anywhere else that’s higher than eye level.

The solution: Wipe ‘em down frequently with a microfiber cloth or dampened rag (in those more severe cases). To see all the spots you may be missing, bring a chair in to the middle of the room and stand on it. Suddenly you’ll have a great view of all those forgotten surfaces.