6 simple mind tricks to ditch unhealthy cravings


Stocking fridge with fresh veg

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Reprinted from SkinnyMom.com

Temptations lurk everywhere you go — in your own kitchen, at the office and, of course, at the grocery store. No matter what you do, something containing too much fat, sugar or salt is leering at you, waiting for you to give in to cravings. No wonder it's impossible to keep your healthy diet on track! 

Avoiding those foods can be hard, but here are six tips to avoid those chocolaty candy bars and other naughty treats in your office vending machine.


1. Be in tune with your emotions. 

Are you stressed out because you have a looming deadline at work? Or are you upset because you had a terrible fight with your significant other? If you’re able to pinpoint what you’re actually feeling, you may be able to better control your instinct to reach for the chips. Remember, knowing is half the battle — the battle of the bulge!


2. Avoid buying the bad foods altogether. 

If you know that as soon as you bring that bag of cookies into your house, you’ll binge on them, leave them on the shelf at the grocery store. If you don’t have them in your house, you won’t eat them. And in turn, you’ll reach for that chopped-up broccoli you cut over the weekend.

3. Make a healthier version of your favorite unhealthy food. 

Try making some of your favorite foods in a healthier way. For example, make onions rings or chicken tenders by dunking either in egg whites and rolling around in Panko breadcrumbs, then baking. You’ll be surprised how delicious these are and how well they work to curb a craving. Some of my favorite comfort foods turned healthy are: Pizza chicken tenders, cauliflower pizza and skinny gluten-free unfried chicken!


4. Put the foods you crave in the middle of your meal. 

According to this article on CNN Health, if you’re craving chocolate and you place it at the beginning of your meal, your brain will associate the chocolate with being satiated. If you put it at the end, then you think of it as the last delicious thing you ate. Instead, placing it in the center of your meal allows your brain to think mainly of the healthy foods you started and ended with.

5. Carry healthy foods with you everywhere. 

Personally, one of my biggest downfalls is when I get hungry in my car. It is all too easy to run to the nearest fast food drive-thru and get a burger. By filling my purse and car with healthy snacks, I am able to grab something when I’m hungry and less likely to visit my local burger joint.


6. Keep your candy wrappers. 

If you have a sweet tooth and your favorite mid-day snack is a fun-sized Snickers bar, hang onto the wrapper and place it in a jar in front of you. Every time you eat one, throw that wrapper in the jar and not the garbage. Doing this will place the evidence of what you’re eating right in front of you, making you more aware and less likely to binge.

Staying focused on eating right can be a struggle, but armed with the right tips and with just the right amount of willpower, you can accomplish anything. I’ll be keeping healthy treats in my car from here on out!


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