The 6 sneaky ways you’re making your home dustier



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If you’ve ever cursed the dust bunny gods while dusting for the THIRD TIME THAT WEEK, you’re in for a shock … the problem could be you, not the dust gods.

Here are six ways you’re making your home dustier and how to break the cycle:


1. Wearing your shoes indoors

Walk in the house, take your shoes off. It sounds simple, but after a hard day’s work, stopping on your way to the couch sounds like a pain. Instead, think of it as a way to save yourself from extra dusting duty. Even a few scuffs on the doormat won’t keep dirt, dust and grime from being tracked into your home on your shoes.

Stepping out of your kicks helps you chill out, too. When you take off your shoes, you’ll physically signal that the day is over and you can relax. Sold? Make things easier by placing a basket by the front door to catch shoes or lay out a mat to set dirty or wet shoes on as soon as you step inside.


2. Using a dry duster

When you reach for the feather duster, you aren’t actually cleaning away dust — you’re just moving it from one spot to another. When you dust, dry dusters hold onto dust, but not forever. The next time you dust, you’re basically depositing dust and moving it around.

Instead, grab a wet cloth and use that. Not only will a wet cloth pick up and hold dust effectively, you can regularly wring it out and send the dust down the drain.  


3. Ignoring your duvet during wash duty

We all wash our sheets (hopefully). But duvets? Not universal. If you’re regularly washing your sheets but letting your duvet or comforter stay on the bed, you’re making a mistake. Here’s why: When you sleep, you’re basically shedding skin while you’re getting your ZZZs. And skin is the main ingredient in dust, to the tune of 70 percent to 80 percent. (Gross!)

To really rid your bedroom of dust, make sure everything on your bed, including your decorative pillows, regularly gets washed with hot water (at least once a month).


4. Skipping your blinds

When you’re getting rid of dust in your home, pay attention to your blinds. Every time you open your window, air, dirt and dust float in and find a home on your blinds. But when they’re pulled, it’s tough to remember to wipe them down.

To keep dust from floating off of your blinds into the rest of your home, grab a wet cloth and run it along the blinds one slat at a time until they’re completely free of dust.


5. Vacuuming your rugs and calling it quits

Truth: Vacuuming is better than not vacuuming. But, that doesn’t mean you’re getting all of the dust out of your rugs. Instead of relying on your vacuum cleaner, use a good old-fashioned pole or baseball bat and beat the you-know-what out of your rugs and couch cushions.

Three or four times a year, get your aggression out by beating rugs and cushions outside until you no longer see dust coming off of the rugs with each whack. When you beat your rugs, make sure you’re beating them all over and not all in one place. Tip: An old broom handle is a great tool to use for beating rugs and cushions.


6. Skipping the groomer appointment

Fact: Cat dander can linger in carpets and bedding for up to 20 years. Yup, 20 years. Cats aren’t the only culprit. Any warm-blooded animals, so dogs, cats, guinea pigs, bunnies and more, leave dander, hair and saliva all over your home, which mixed with your human skin cells becomes dust.

To prevent the problem, regularly groom and bathe your pet. It won’t be foolproof — there’s no way to completely prevent dander — but you’ll reduce the problem significantly.


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