6 thoughtful hostess gifts for the holidays


Hostess gift

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The holiday season has officially begun, and that means lots and lots of parties. Good manners suggest that you never arrive at a shindig empty-handed — but what makes a good host or hostess gift? Well, we’ve got you covered. Use one or two of these ideas, and there’s no doubt that you’ll move to the top of the invite list for next year.


1. Personalize it

Amy from The Idea Room can show you how to create these homemade, stamped wooden utensils so you can customize them for your favorite host/hostess. Use words that will inspire him or her, evoke laughter or personalize with a name. Tie them together with a ribbon and present with a card.


2. Mix it up

This trail mix from Make Bake Celebrate is a super-easy snack to make and a super-handy snack for a hostess to have on-hand. Buy simple cellophane bags at a crafts store, then tie shut with twine or ribbon and a decorative tag to say thanks. Make extra bags for your neighbors, mailman and family members.


3. Infuse it

If you want to make several gifts at once, this idea from EHow.com is the perfect fit. Use this recipe for infusing olive oil with rosemary and make several batches. You can buy glass containers of different shapes and sizes at most crafts stores, then tie it off with a ribbon or twine and a homemade label.


4. Stand it up

This stand for your cookbooks and tablets from My Wedding Reception Ideas is a great choice for the host/hostess who likes to cook. Personalize it for an extra touch.


5. Sew it

With a sewing machine and some scraps of fabric, you can whip up potholders to go with anyone’s kitchen. Quilt Expressions shows you how to turn them into a great gift by including spatulas and recipe cards.


6. Indulge in it

Vanilla and pumpkin are the scents of the season, so why not give your host/hostess the gift of pampering with this homemade sugar scrub? Happiness Is Homemade shows you how to create an 8-ounce portion that you can place in cute jars.