8 really cool alarm clocks that will DEFINITELY get you out of bed


cool alarm clocks

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Here’s the problem with alarm clocks and their humans:

  • Human places alarm clock within arm’s reach;

  • Alarm clock goes off;

  • Human smacks, hits, throws [insert any malicious verb] or simply hits snooze multiple times;

  • Human wakes up after 30 minutes of snoozing; and

  • Human is late.


But what if there were alarm clocks that forced us to wake up — because they simply won’t shut up until you perform a task that will turn them off?

Enter the following seven alarm clocks that require us humans to chase, solve puzzles and even work out to silence the noise, thus efficiently waking us up without having to hit snooze.


Wake Up Work Out Alarm Clock

Waking up isn’t challenging enough? Why not add a workout to the mix? The 1.5-lb. Wake Up Work Out Alarm Clock forces you to crank out 30 curls to turn off this dumbbell-shaped alarm clock. Motion sensors inside count how many reps you’ve done, and the side of the dumbbell houses a countdown timer that counts the number of reps you've performed from zero to 30 — as long as your movements are perfect.