7 billion more people, 7 billion more reasons to go green


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By the end of the month, the world population is expected to reach 7 billion people. Yup, you read right: 7 billion people. Please, take a moment and wrap your heads around that.

With 7 billion people set to inhabit the planet, you may be wondering how on Earth (literally) we can fit everyone. However, as this video from National Geographic points out, it’s not a question of space; it’s a question of balance, and humans doing more to reduce consumption and take better care of our resources.

What’s your impact? Take a look at these facts from the United Nations Population Fund to find out:

  • The richest 7% of the global population contributes 50% of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions. If you are American, you are likely emitting the same amount of carbon dioxide as about 250 Ethiopians.
  • The average American uses all the resources available from 21 acres of land, while Germans require 10 acres and Indians require less than 2.2 acres.

To get a better idea of your specific impact on the world, take this interactive quiz from the Footprint Network . After you complete the quiz, see how you can reduce your impact by pledging to make small changes to your lifestyle.

Want more ways to go green? Here are some easy tips from HellaWella:

Click here for more ideas for greening your world.

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