7 musicians who rock a healthy lifestyle


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It’s more than just sex, drugs and rock ’n' roll with musicians these days. Now, a healthy lifestyle reels them in more chicks. After all, ripped abs are far more sexy than how many gulps of Jack Daniels you can handle before blacking out onstage.

Here are seven fine examples of how rock stars can be badasses and maintain a healthy physique.


Bruce Dickinson

Singer, songwriter, Iron Maiden

When Dickinson isn’t belting out his signature high-toned, operatic vocals for Iron Maiden, he partakes in the gentleman’s game of fencing. According to Sports Illustrated, the English rocker — who has fenced since he was a teenager — was the seventh-best foil fencer in Great Britain during the 1988-1989 fencing season. In April, he participated in a warmup session against Bartosz Piasecki, who won the silver medal at the 2012 Summer Olympics. See some footage here.

Mick Jagger

Singer, songwriter, rock god, Rolling Stones

It seems as if this charismatic showman has always used every performance as a workout. Now, we know how he nails those leg kicks: ballet (for balance), Pilates and yoga. He told the Daily Mail that, with the help of personal trainer Torje Eike, he trains up to six days per week. This includes running 8 miles a day, swimming, kickboxing and cycling.

Anthony Kiedis

Singer, songwriter, Red Hot Chili Peppers

Wondering where this 50-year-old sultry frontman finds the energy onstage? It’s all thanks to swimming (in an ocean or chlorine-free pool!), surfing, running and a mostly vegetarian diet.

Dave Navarro

Guitar, Jane’s Addiction

Navarro’s fit bod can be attributed to his frequent trips to the gym. He admits he traded in his drug addiction for a gym addiction. Paparazzi seem to constantly find him leaving an Equinox gym in West Hollywood. 

Iggy Pop

Musician, singer

The Godfather of punk is looking as fit as ever in his 60s. Pop practices Qi-gong, an ancient Chinese mind-body exercise similar to Tai Chai, for about 40 minutes per day. After slithering around onstage, this sounds like the perfect way to unwind and stay healthy!

Henry Rollins

Singer, Songwriter

From his time in Black Flag and the Rollins Band and everything in between, up until now, Henry Rollins has lifted weights. Now in his 50s, he says he lifts five times a week but admits that he lightened up the load in order to protect his joints. In an interview with Catalystathletics.com he said “training allowed me to see that I was able to make changes to myself and achieve something.” Rock on!

Ozzy Osbourne

Singer, Songwriter

The Prince of Darkness mixes up his workout by going on the elliptical machine, running on the track and lifting weights. Osbourne told Loudwire.com in March that he’s now on a low-carb, high-protein diet and that he exercises constantly, which has helped him shed 30 pounds.