7 guilt-free treats for Valentine’s Day


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Just one month after making your New Year’s resolution to follow a healthy diet, you’ve come head-on with your first challenge: Valentine’s Day.

On no other day of the year are we surrounded by more chocolate and decadent desserts. Heart-shaped boxes full of truffles. Cookies decorated with rich pink icing. Cakes drizzled with fudge and caramel.

Luckily, there are ways to celebrate with your significant other and still watch your waistline. Some of these treats are a touch indulgent, so as not to deprive you completely. But we tried to stick to recipes that won’t require a three-hour sweat session at the gym later.

If you want more sweets to choose from, check out our Valentine's recipe roundup from last February for more delicious treats with a healthy twist!


1. Healthy cheesecake

Is it possible? Can one of the most decadent desserts actually be at least somewhat healthy? With flax mixed with leftover cupcakes to make the crust, and yogurt and tofu to make the filling, the Wishful Chef blog gives it a whirl! Decorate the top of your cake with sweet berries for an added healthy benefit.


2. Watermelon hearts

Sweet, juicy — not many fruits beat watermelon for its ability to take you right to summertime. Why not travel there in February by cutting yourwatermelon into cute hearts? Slice watermelon thin enough to use a cookie cutter and enjoy!


3. Stuffed strawberries

Because of their color, strawberries are definitely a go-to fruit for Valentine’s Day. Instead of covering them with chocolate, try removing the hull with a paring knife and filling them with a sugar-free pudding and other goodies using this recipe from Kraft.


4. Hearty muffins

Why wait to show someone you love them? Start the holiday off right with these healthy mini muffins — shaped like hearts! Follow the recipe for Whole Wheat Cranberry Applesauce Muffins from Eating Richly, then use mini heart-shaped silicone baking cups that you can easily find at craft stores, such as Michaels and Jo-Ann Fabrics.


5. Pie with a kick

Maybe you’re looking for a little chocolate this holiday. Take it to the next level with a bit of spice. This Mexican Chocolate Cream Pie fromCooking Light is rich — that would be the espresso powder — and creamy, with red pepper for an added punch.


6. Strawberry swirls

Does an actual cheesecake sound like too much work? Try thesestrawberry cheesecake bars from Shape magazine, made with Greek yogurt and Splenda. You and your sweetheart can easily cut them into individual servings without the guilt.


7. Fruitful messages

Want to send your little ones off to school on Valentine’s Day feeling extra special — but without giving them cavities? Tie a sweet note onto a fresh piece of fruit! You can find free tags to download, print and attach to your oranges, bananas and pears (Oh, my!) at Skip To My Lou blog.