7 healthy fruit pizza recipes to serve at your next barbecue


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It's barbecue season! In addition to whatever you decide to throw on the grill, no barbecue is complete without tasty sides. We're talking potato salad, cole slaw and, usually, fresh fruit salad. This summer, do a little something different. How about a fruit pizza? This isn't your typical Hawaiian, either. It's a fun way to get in some required daily servings of bananas, berries, kiwis or melons — not to mention, it might encourage kids to eat their fruit without parents having to bribe them.

The fruit pizzas we looked at all looked delicious. But many were loaded with sugar, starting with the sugar cookie crust and the frosting. It kind of defeats the purpose of eating fresh fruit. We wanted to find you some healthier alternatives. So check out the following seven recipes, which lay off the sugary stuff and have better-for-you ingredients that can still be enjoyed as dessert or even breakfast.


1. Healthy Oat & Yogurt Fruit Pizza

The Yummy Life 

The Yummy Life's fruit pizza has a wholesome, tasty crust topped with a healthy-yet-yummy yogurt and peanut butter frosting. With the exception of sweeteners, which are considerably reduced in this recipe, the ingredients are all good for you. The oatmeal crust is soft enough to cut easily and won't crumble all over the place. Double win!


2. Fruit Pizza

Mrs. Happy Homemaker 

You won't find a recipe easier than this one. Mrs. Happy Homemaker cuts a slice of watermelon into triangles and tops with more fruit. Voila! And it's especially refreshing on a hot day.


3. Prosciutto, Blackberry & Basil Pizza

Your Homebased Mom 

Your Homebased Mom whips up this fun twist on the typical Hawaiian pizza. Instead of pineapple, she uses blackberries, and instead of Canadian bacon, she uses prosciutto. Fruit notwithstanding, basil complements the flavor combo perfectly, as it does in regular pizza. Try it and let us know what you think!


4. Flag Fruit Pizza


Tablespoon.com featured this patriotic pizza by Gimme Some Oven. This American flag pizza is perfect for Memorial Day and a definite crowd pleaser, so be ready to prepare it again for July Fourth celebrations!


5. Beautiful Breakfast Tart

The View from Great Island 

Whether you call it a pizza or tart or serve it as dessert or breakfast, you must try this one from The View from Great Island. Sue, the blogger behind TVFGI, bakes the granola that makes up the crust right in the pan. The filling is Greek yogurt, she says, but you can substitute it with almond or coconut yogurt instead. Sue also warns that although you can make the crust ahead of time, once you add the yogurt, it’s best to serve and enjoy immediately; otherwise, the yogurt will make the granola get all soggy.


6. Fruit Pizza with Oatmeal Flax Crust

The Lean Green Bean 

The Lean Green Bean featured this fruit pizza made with an oatmeal flaxseed crust from a guest blogger. With more fiber and vitamin E than any pizza you’ve ever had, she says, this is junk food for health nuts. We're game! This one also makes an excellent and  nutritious breakfast that will make you feel like you are cheating on your diet.


7. Grilled Berry Pizza

Erica's Sweet Tooth 

Erica's Sweet Tooth used a trusty pizza stone that didn't break the bank to prepare this pizza on the grill. The results? Well, just look at that slice of oh-my-gawdness. The stone got nice and hot, explains Erica, and crisped the crust perfectly. After you leave the pizza on the grill with the top closed for a few minutes, the blueberries darken and burst so that everything becomes one melt-y delicious pie.