7 over-the-top gyms that are so cool you’ll actually want to work out


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There are the no-frills gyms that only provide the equipment and expertise to get the job done, and then there are the over-the-top fitness facilities with enough "frill" to make Liberace turn over in his grave.

While we personally don't care what your preference is — the fact that you're working out is enough to make us happy — those trendy, extravagantly designed gyms are too cool to turn up our noses. The following faciltiies blend fitness with art, making for one creative workout experience you'll want to return to again and again.


1. David Barton Gym

You are in for a total sensory experience at David Barton Gyms. As described on its website, each gym location's design takes cues from a neighborhood’s history — like the punk and glam of the East Village or the outdoorsiness of the Seattle area — and modernize it in their unique way.


2. Hard Candy Fitness

Hard Candy is a Madonna fan’s dream come true. The pop icon’s image is peppered throughout each lavish location, which includes such cultured cities as Berlin, Rome and Santiago.


3. Illoiha Omotesando Fitness Gym

Japanese design firm Nendo created this climbing wall design at the Illoiha Omotesando Fitness Gym in Tokyo that “uses the mismatch between a rugged outdoor sport and Tokyo’s fashion district to its advantage.” So cool!


4. Gym Box

This self-appointed “essential part of an unhealthy lifestyle” gym, located in the U.K., has as much sass in its design as it has in its workout programs and events.


5. Olympic Athletic Club

This charming fitness facility in Seattle resides in a historic building dating back to the 1890s. Don’t let the exterior fool you. Inside you’ll find a state-of-the-art design that gives off a comfy, ski resort feel. Or you may feel like you’re inside a Timberland store. Either way, you’ll get an exceptional workout experience.


6. Reebok CrossFit 5th Ave

It’s hard to find a CrossFit box that has style as well as grit, but Reebok CrossFit on New York City’s Fifth Avenue does a damn good job of both. Heavy lifting and hard work shouldn’t be bland!


7. Equinox

There are lots of pretty Equinox gyms around the country, but we especially like the design at the Franklin Street location in Boston. It has a spiral staircase, chandelier, 18-foot windows and vaulted skylight ceilings. We just love the yoga studio!