7 reasons to throw a bestie brunch this Valentine’s Day


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Don’t let Valentine’s Day go by like a stale holiday filled with boxes of chocolate and red roses. It’s a time to celebrate all the relationships we have and our love for the beautiful people in our lives!

The relationships we’re celebrating today are those gal pals we couldn’t make it through life without. The friends who answer our phone calls no matter what crazy hour of the night it is, the girls who go grab margaritas with us on our lunch breaks because we ‘can’t even,’ who eat ice cream out of the container with us and hand us tissues before we know we need them.

Which leads us to our favorite celebration this Valentine’s Day: a bestie brunch!

Valentine’s Day is a Sunday this year so grab your girlfriends, their cute little kiddos or their pups and get ready to whip up some delicious brunch. Pop the bubbly and celebrate love, friendship and all of your favorite things together. Take loads of photos, eat donuts and laugh all morning That’s love and that’s what Valentine’s Day is all about.

Here are seven reasons to throw a bestie brunch:


1. Because brunch

For Like, Ever! Event Styling 

Brunch has become the ultimate get-together with our favorite people. Eat delicious food and relax while laughing over life with some bottomless mimosas. Host your own and keep the party going all day.


2. Pop that bubbly!

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Nothing says celebrate like the sound of popping champagne. The classic mimosa is something that will never be replaced, but you cannot go wrong with adding pomegranate to the selection for the holiday. They are the perfect combination of sweet and tart. Love it!


3. Doughnuts

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Do we need to explain this? There’s always room for doughnuts. Snack on doughnut holes while sipping some bubbly before brunch is served.


4. Waffle Cake

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Cake is great, but a brunch cake made of waffles? Yes, please. Bonus points if you use a heart-shaped waffle maker.


5. Fresh Flowers

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Wrap up some flowers and set them at each plate for your besties to take home with them.


6. Pictures on pictures

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Make a photo backdrop and BYOSS — bring your own selfie stick! You’re going to want photo evidence. These memories are too perfect not to capture.


7. Lots of Laughs

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Laughs are an inevitable side effect of hanging out with your main ladies. Bring all the silly stories, the inside jokes and the happy memories to the table while you make more. These laughs are good for the soul.


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