4. Improves cardiac health

Laughing helps get your blood pumping and can get you a great cardio workout. Maybe you’ve been ill or injured yourself? Go watch reruns of your favorite comedy sitcoms for an alternative workout that can even burn calories/. A good laugh can burn about the same amount of calories per hour as you would if you were to walk at a slow pace.


5. Boosts T cells

Your T cells are specialized immune cells just waiting in your body, ready for you to activate them at any moment. Laughter is just one of those things that can activate your T cells. Once they’re activated, your T cells divide rapidly and start to help your immune system fight off any sickness. Be sure to have a few funny YouTube videos ready whenever you feel a cold coming on.


6. Triggers release of endorphins

Endorphins are your body’s natural pain killers, and you can release them by having a laugh or two. They can help ease chronic pain and help your body feel better all over.


7. Produces general sense of well being

Doctors have figured out that people who have a more positive outlook on life tend to fight colds and diseases better than those who have a negative outlook. You can increase your own outlook on life by adding a bit of laughter to it. You’ll be surprised when you start to feel more positive and have an increased sense of overall well being. So be sure to crack a smile every once in a while and try to laugh once a day — doctor’s orders.


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