7 tips to keep your feet happy


woman rubbing sore feet

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It's easy to take our feet for granted, until they start hurting. Regardless of whether you're a runner with sore feet or an office worker with swollen feet, here are some tips to take care of those tootsies.


Get the right shoes

Yeah, it's tempting to get those adorable red heels or those darling strappy flat sandals. What's the point of summer if not to show off cute feet and perfect pedicures? But before you give into the sweet temptations of the cute shoe gods, take a good look at your feet. Do you have a high arch? Do you have flat feet? You need to get the right shoe to give you the support you need. You (probably) don't want to walk down the street like you're dancing to Michael Jackson's thriller.


Speaking of shoe shopping…

We've already told you how you can cope with water retention. But even when you're drinking enough water and eating enough fiber, it's natural for your feet to swell throughout the day. WellWellWell.com recommends that you wait until after 6 p.m. to go shoe or sneaker shopping. You don't want to try on a pair of shoes in the morning only to find that by the time you're ready to tackle rush-hour crowds after work, they are suddenly tight and uncomfortable.


Got a couple of spare tennis balls?

Five-Minute Yoga

Here's something you can do in the office if you don't have stinky feet or at home while catching up on some reading or good television. Five-Minute Yoga recommends you roll your feet on a tennis ball. Doing so not only gives your feet a nice stretch, but also helps to loosen up your hamstrings. Limber feet are happy feet, and flexible hamstrings will make it easier for you to stay active.


Put your feet up


We can't do much to change sedentary lifestyles when so much of the day requires us to sit at a desk typing. But we can  do a few little things to combat the health risks associated with a lack of inactivity. Get up and stretch every 30 minutes or so. Go the bathroom, grab some water, go for a 15-minute walk, even if it's just around the block a couple of times and straight back to your desk. And put your feet up! Check out this fancy foot hammock ($30) or this basic foot rest (almost $20). Or pay zero bucks and drag an extra chair or box by or under your desk.


Soak them!

Hey, we all need a little pampering. Soaking your feet will not only relieve achiness but may also let you treat calluses and dry heels.


Try some tape

The jury may still out on whether sports tape actually works and why, but even people who are baffled as to how a piece of tape can help relieve pain almost instantly admit that it seems to work for them. Give it a try and let us know what you think!


Get a massage

Sure, you can still roll your feet on a couple of tennis balls. It's cheap and it works. But if you treat yourself to a foot massage now and again… why not?