8 amazing apps and sites for yoga and meditation


Yoga at home

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If you’ve ever found yourself scrambling to get a workout in, or stressing about finding ways to de-stress, help is on the way. While yoga can center your mind and strengthen your body, yoga studios can be expensive. We found eight sites and apps (downloadable from the app store) that offer free workouts, some with purchase options for higher levels. 



1. Simply Yoga app

This app provides 20-, 40- and 60-minute workouts at a beginner’s level for free. Each video guides you through the poses with spoken instruction.

2. Daily Yoga app

With a pose library and music selections, you can design a yoga flow of your own or follow one of the app's workouts, including a 5-, 10- and 15-minute sun salutations warm-up, plus other downloadable sessions, such as one for office workers, yoga for runners, yoga targeting different areas of the body and more.


3. Do Yoga With Me

DoYogaWithMe.com includes free streaming yoga videos divided by poses that target different body parts, such as your hip flexors, or for different needs, such as bedtime yoga and neck tension. Each video has a rating for beginners, intermediate or advanced. The length of each video is also listed and ranges from 20 minutes or less to more than one hour.


4. Gaiam TV

Gaiam TV comes with a free 10-day trial, then a monthly $9.95 fee and includes videos for various needs, such as weight-loss back care, insomnia, arthritis and more. Videos vary in length.



5. Take a Break! app

This app will guide you through a work break for 7 minutes or a stress-relief session for 13 minutes with music or the sounds of the ocean, rain or a stream.


6. The Meditation Experience

The Meditation Experience app and website from Deepak Chopra and Oprah include a 22-minute sample session available on the website, plus other free samples and music available from the app. The 21-day guided mediation experiences are available for download for $49.99 and focus on different issues, such as Expanding Your Happiness and Miraculous Relationships.


7. UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center

Free, guided meditations from the UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center include meditation sessions that vary in length and include a body scan for sleep, working with difficulties and a quick 5-minute breathing meditation.


8. Sahaja Yoga Meditation Online Course

The Sahaja Yoga Meditation Online Course is a series of 10 classes with videos, readings and guided meditations that are all free.