8 caffeine-free options for quick energy


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How many nights a week do you get your full eight hours of sleep? If you’re like most people, that number is probably pretty low. The days can drag on when you don’t get a full night’s sleep. Do you turn to caffeine for a quick energy boost during the day? Becoming reliant on caffeine is bad for you because it dehydrates you, can cause headaches and indigestion, and even lead to high blood pressure. Not to mention the withdrawal symptoms of caffeine are crazy intense and more than just a nuisance. Here are eight caffeine-free alternatives for some much needed energy.


1. Chew some gum

Chewing gum increases your heart rate, which increases blood flow to your brain. Your autonomic nervous system will be stimulated, which means you will be alert. For an extra boost, pick a mint flavor. The fresh mint acts like a splash of water on your face (which you could also try out for a bonus energy boost). (via Prevention)


2. Eat whole grains

We’ve all heard that carbs bring about an energy crash, but good news: that only applies to bad carbs! And whole grains are full of good carbs. Try a balanced breakfast with whole-grain cereal and toast (and protein!) in the morning and see how much energy you have for the rest of the day! (via Prevention)


3. Turn on the light

There’s a reason we turn off the lights when we go to sleep; light awakens our brains! Try turning on your desk lamp after lunch for a work day energy boost. (via Prevention)


4. Jam out to your favorite song

Music is energizing! If you’re feeling a little drowsy in the car, just turn on the radio, find a song you love and belt it out! It acts as a bit of a mental escape for a few minutes. (via Prevention) Need a good playlist? Check out the multitudes of jams on our site here.


5. Learn something new

Engage your brain and learn something new the next time you feel sleepy. Checking your email or switching tasks at work might make your attention span feel a little better, but it won’t be energizing. Listen to a podcast or turn on the news to beat the midday slump. (via Prevention)


6. Massage your ears

Yep, you read that right. Massaging your ears can snap you awake. That’s because all your acupressure meridians pass along the outer ear. So pinch the outer part of your ears and rub them for about 30 seconds. The blood will begin to flow and your mind will be stimulated once again. (via Prevention)


7. Hydrate

Drinking the recommended eight glasses of water a day will make sure that your metabolism is in full gear. If it’s not, you could feel drowsy and sluggish. Chug a glass of cold water and see how much better you feel. (via Care2)


8. Practice proper posture

Sitting and standing up straight allows for proper bloodflow throughout your entire body, which we know is important for alertness. Good posture will in the long run give you many health benefits, energy being just one.


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