8 home problems shaving cream can fix


Shaving cream

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What can fix squeaky hinges, de-fog your glasses, and costs less than two dollars? Shaving cream!

Shaving cream will cost you two buckaroos or less at Target. For that price, getting a bunch of clean shaves is a solid deal, but there are more uses for shaving cream that are worth trying out.


1. De-fog your bathroom mirrors

Wiping a generous helping of shaving cream on your mirrors will dry streak free and leave a ninja-invisible, anti-fog layer. You should only have to apply every three weeks for fog-free beautification. More detailed instructions here!


2. Clean your faucets

Shaving cream is a secret stainless-steel cleaner. This will eliminate one less cleaning spray bottle under your sink.


3. Fix squeaky hinges

If you’ve got a squeaky door and you don’t have any WD-40 around, grab your new multi-purpose shaving cream. Apply a liberal amount to the hinge and rub it in, lubricating all the crevices and edges of the hinge. Remove all excess cream so the hinge looks normal, and open up your squeak-free door.


4. Remove paint from your hands

This is always harder than it seems. Try rubbing shaving cream on the paint stain and watch as it cleans your skin. Then rinse the shaving cream off with water.


5. Clean shower doors

If you notice your shower door is covered in soapy spots, you can shave and clean your inner door in one swoop! Use your excess shaving cream to wipe down the glass and it will rinse away the grime. We recommend drying off before you attack the front-pane to avoid fatal slips.


6. De-fog your glasses

Got that first-date, foggy-glasses problem? If you do, you know how frustrating it is when your glasses fog walking into a hot bar from the cold, winter weather outside. Apply a layer of shaving cream to your glasses and wipe them clean before heading out, it will save you the foggy embarrassment.


7. Clean carpet stains

If you’re in a pinch, shaving cream will pick up stains. Let a one-inch thick layer sit on the stain for 20 minutes and then use a warm, damp rag to pick up as much foam as you can. Next, scrub the carpet until it is stain free. This is a good solution if you’re met with a surprise stain from Sparky and have no carpet cleaner in the house


8. Clean your hands without soap

If you’re working outside or camping without a ton of soap nearby, shaving cream is a good hand-cleaning substitute. Apply and small dollop and rub it in. It will clean dirt or grime off of your hands sans soap.


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