8 home resolutions for 2012


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It’s no surprise that most New Year’s resolutions take aim at trimming your waistline. But there are other areas of your life that probably need a sprucing, and you don’t even know it. So start 2012 with some goals to improve your dwelling. Your home — and your health — will thank you for it.

1. I will install a CO detector near where I sleep. The Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends placing one in the hallway outside bedrooms in each separate sleeping area.

2. I will perform regular maintenance on my fire extinguishers. And I will click here for the U.S. Fire Administration’s recommendations.

3. I will extend my recycling efforts beyond just paper and glass bottles. This will include my old gadgets, ink cartridges and light bulbs.

4. I will not judge anyone if they are experiencing a bed bug problem because now I know the insects are inbreeding and infesting at an alarming rate. And if I know anyone suffering from this disgusting trend, I will send them this.

5. I will be prepared in case of a weather emergency. Because if 2011 has taught us anything, it’s that we’re going to wait on the longest line of our lives at the grocery store when a hurricane is looming.

6. I will educate myself on the dangers of lead paint — for myself and my family. And I will check out this video from Simonton Windows.

7. I will use the Household Emissions Calculator from the EPA to estimate my greenhouse gas emissions and entertain ways to reduce my impact.

8. I will read the Raging Ecoist’s “Easy ways to green 2012.”

Tell us your resolutions for 2012 below.