8 workouts that will help you get fit on the beach this summer


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If you're fortunate enough to be beachside this summer, be sure to head out to the sand for a great workout. Check out these new and exciting ways to infuse your fitness routine with sun, sand and surf.


Build Serious Strength on the Sand


Via: Shape

This 30-minute circuit workout from Shape mixes things up by alternating running or jogging with different strength training exercises like tucks and plank walks. Some are done for a certain amount of time while others are done for a certain amount of reps. It’s a full-body sweat session that will definitely keep you on your toes. Shape also offers some excellent suggestions for how to reduce the risk of injury and make the workout even more effective. There are some photos that illustrate form, but overall, you need to be comfortable with learning via written instructions and have a basic understanding of each exercise to perform this workout safely.


3 HIIT Workouts to Take to the Beach

Daily Burn 

Via Daily Burn

High Intensity Interval Training is a fantastic way to get a major amount of exercise in a minimum amount of time. Daily Burn has designed three workouts that are perfect to do on your next trip to the beach. The first, 10-Minute Tone Up, consists of three rounds of five classic strength training and cardio moves such as inchworm push-ups and side shuffles. Next up is Tabata Bang, an intense form of HIIT that requires 20 seconds of exertion followed by 10 seconds of rest. Here, you’ll find fun, challenging moves such as the surfer get-ups and mountain climbers with a twist. Finally, there’s the Perfect 10 Beach Circuit Workout, a routine that relies on 10 reps of each move with a 30-second break in between rounds. Moves like lateral lunges and down dog push-ups will put your strength to the test, while the 20-yard shuttle sprints that cap off each circuit are sure to get your heart racing, earning you every bit of that 30-second break. Each routine comes with detailed instructions of the moves involved, but without images, they may be a bit tricky to do if you’re not already familiar with these exercises. For those of you who are comfortable with sprints and strength training, these workouts are a great way to bring a new challenge to your fitness regimen.


3 Summer Beach Workouts for Runners


Via Running

Early morning beach jogs are a beautiful way to start your day, but there’s so much more you can do to train while on the beach. These three killer cardio workouts give you options that fit a variety of styles and are perfect for the seasoned runner looking to shake up the usual routine. Post-Run Hill Repeats on Sand ups the intensity of a long run with the added challenge of climbing a sand hill, while Tide Fartlek turns your workout into a game by building intervals into a run anywhere from three to five miles long. Beach Quarters, meanwhile, breaks up your run into shorter paced segments followed by 30-45 seconds of cool-down. No matter what style you prefer, you’ll get a fantastic workout. In addition to outlining each routine, Running also suggests what type of sand is best for your run to be safe and effective.


A Beachside Yoga Sequence to Wake up Your Senses

The Chalkboard 

Via The Chalkboard

Yoga and the beach is a match made in heaven. Just think about all of those Instagram yogis posting pictures of Warrior 3 and Downward Dog against a backdrop of the rising sun and waves crashing in the distance. The Chalkboard understands the true joy and power of a good beach yoga session and offers this simple, calming take on a classic vinyasa flow. You’ll also get an additional core challenge with moves like knee to nose while following tips on how to engage all of your senses during your practice. Those with a decent understanding of foundational yoga poses will appreciate the written instructions and accompanying static images that act as a reference, though true beginners are better off seeking additional guidance to really understand each pose and how to connect breath to movement before attempting this flow.

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