’80s fitness craze comes alive in ‘Spandex the Musical’


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spandexHold on to your leotards! The Broadway and fitness world collide in a limited off-Broadway run of the Jane Fonda-inspired “Spandex, a new musical for ALL SIZES” that is currently running through May 26.

According to Broadway World, Spandex tells the story of a picked-on housewife and a vulnerable former gymnast who, through Jane Fonda and the new aerobics movement, discovers the power of the burn. When a diet-pill-pushing and terribly mulletted fitness guru threatens to undermine their rise, they challenge him in the only place he might be vulnerable: the 1987 Crystal Light National Aerobics Championship, hosted by Alan Thicke. Written by Daniel Levin, Julian Blackmore and Annie Grunow, the musical was inspired by the YouTube classic of this hilarious sports event you just HAVE to watch.

While the premise is interesting enough, Crunch gyms is sponsoring the show. According to Crains New York, Crunch provided fitness consulting, and audition and rehearsal space. It also paid for half of the T-shirts that will feature both the Spandex and gym logos and will be sold at the show.

Visit Spandexmusical.com for tickets.

Cara Castronuova, two-time Golden Gloves winner and certified trainer, is making a special, one-night-only appearance on May 25 at 8 p.m. Get 30% off face value with the code FRIENDOFCARA when you buy tickets to her special appearance.

Take a closer glimpse at "Spandex the Musical":