9 booty-lifting exercises to get your tush toned for summer


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Reprinted from SkinnyMom.com

Is your behind ready to bare it all (well, hopefully not all) in shorts and bathing suits this season? Believe it or not, summer is just around the corner, and there's no better time than now to tighten up that tush in preparation. 

Try incorporating a few of these new exercises into your next leg and glute training to target lifting and tightening the tush and to help ease your booty into a stronger and more confident summer body!


1. Lateral Squat Shuffle

Remember to stay low with your chest up while doing this move. For an easier modification, step side to side instead of shuffling quickly.


2. Walking Lunge with Leg Lift

For an easier modification, do this move without dumbbells.


3. Tip Toe Squat

For an easier modification, lower your feet to the ground between every rep or decrease the range of the squat.


4. Plie Squat

For a more intense workout, add dumbbells while doing this move.


5. Reverse Lunge Twist with Weighted Ball

For an easier modification, ditch the weighted ball and decrease the range of motion on your lunge.


6. Reverse Lunge with Front Kick

For an easier modification, Rather than kicking straight from the lunge, step your foot back in to a full standing position and then kick the same foot out in front of you at a lesser height.


7. Power Squat

For an easier modification, do not squat down as deep, and rather than jump, simply rise up and stand on your toes as you extend your legs.


8. Bridge

For an easier modification, lower the height of your lift.


9. Cross Over Lunge

For an easier modification, decrease your range of motion. Don’t cross over as far or lunge as deep.

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