9 creative recipes that are too adorable to eat


Owl strawberries by Meaningful Mama

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Parents will do just about anything to get their kids to eat, including make some very impressive food art. But why should kids have all the fun? If you're having guests over, here are nine adorable and edible ways to impress them.


1. Hot Chocolate Cookie Cups

Source: The Gunny Sack 

Go meta and have one of these adorable cookie cups from The Gunny Sack with a real cup of hot chocolate.


2. Sausage-Stuffed Piglet Buns

Source: Girl Versus Dough 

Continuing with the meta theme are these sausage-stuffed piglet buns from Girl Versus Dough. If this is a bit too macabre for you, consider using vegetarian sausage. Quorn makes a great one.


3. Kiwi-Grape Turtles

Source: Meet the Dubiens 

How cute are these little turtles by Meet the Dubiens?


4. Owl Strawberries

Source: Meaningful Mama 

Check out these adorable owls by Meaningful Mama made out of cream cheese-stuffed strawberries.


5. Cheese and Carrot ‘Coins’

Source: Eats Amazing 

These cheese and carrot coins by Eats Amazing are a great healthy snack.


6. Beaker BLT Wrap

Source: Homemade Charlotte 

We could not resist this Beaker BLT wrap by Handmade Charlotte. How awesome is that?


7. Ladybug Appetizers

Source: Taste of Home 

Taste of Home's Test Kitchen came up with these fantastic ladybug appetizers using minced chives, black olives and cherry tomato quarters.


8. Cheese and Olive Bees

Source: She Knows 

Check out these cheese and olive bees by She Knows and make some for your next party.


9. Vertical Pear Salad

Source: The Novice Chef 

Want to impress your guests? Make this gorgeous vertical pear salad by The Novice Chef.