9 delicious Bloody Mary recipes you have to try right now


Closeup of Bloody Mary at a restaurant

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No offense to the mimosa, but when it comes to brunch the Bloody Mary reigns supreme. It’s arguably one of those drinks you either love or hate, and it’s one of those drinks that can be as simple as its basic ingredients or as complex — and spicy — as you dare to make it.

We’ve rounded up nine of our favorites, ranging from basic and simple to OMG fire in my mouth. Try one out, combine a few to make your own Frankenbloody Mary or submit your own recipe to us. And let us know which you think deserves the title of Ultimate Bloody Mary.


1. Ultimate Bloody Mary

Ultimate Bloody Mary

This recipe by Honestly Yum declares itself to be the ultimate one, and with pretty good reason. Celery stick as garnish? Yes, of course, but this Bloody Mary is also garnished with a crab leg, a whole shrimp, bacon, mini sweet peppers and a whole lot more. Check it out and let us know if it deserves the title.


2. Sriracha Bloody Mary

Sriracha Bloody Mary

White on Rice Couple's recipe also has some fun with garnishes, but what caught our eye, not surprisingly, was the star ingredient sriracha.


3. Best Bloody Mary

Best Bloody Mary

Culicurious says its recipe is the best, and why not? Horseradish? Check. Worcestershire sauce? Check. Fun garnishes, including pickled okra? Oh hells yes.


4. Blood orange Bloody Mary

Blood orange Bloody Mary

It was tough to pick just one Bloody Mary recipe from A Beautiful Mess, but how could we pass up the beautiful marriage between the blood orange and the Bloody Mary?


5. Tomatillo Bloody Mary

Tomatillo Bloody Mary

Saveur brings it with this recipe that uses tomatillos instead of tomato juice and demonstrates that although it may not be easy being green, it can totally be worth it.


6. Simple Bloody Mary

Simple Bloody Mary

Spoon Fork Bacon's recipe is proof that simple doesn't mean flavorless, because hot hot hot and nom nom nom.


7. Husby's super secret Bloody Mary recipe

Husby's super secret Bloody Mary recipe

Door County posted this recipe that caught our eye immediately. Because cheese. That's right, pepper jack cheese in your Bloody Mary. It's likelier than you think. And it's joined by sausage and Guinness. Yes, please, and make it a double.


8. Asian Bloody Mary

Asian Bloody Mary

A Spicy Perspective adds fish sauce, soy sauce wasabi paste and sriracha to this Bloody Mary for some hot results.


9. Homemade Bloody Mary

Homemade Bloody Mary

Burnt Carrots' recipe is simple but really brings on the hot by including horseradish, adobe chili sauce and hot sauce, but it was the pickle and olive juices that made us say yum.