9 delicious patties that redefine the burger


crab cakes

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Traditional burgers — the meat and meat substitute variety — are delicious. But isn't it time to diversify your burger portfolio? Check out the following nine patties that are sure to make your taste buds sing. Bonus? Skip the bread and save the calories for dessert.


1. Quinoa cauliflower patties

We know cauliflower is pretty much the perfect food because it’s so versatile, but we really must add to the list of things to do with cauliflower this recipe, which definitely got our attention.


2. Black bean cakes

Check out the Mayo Clinic coming at you with this black bean cake recipe. They advise using canned black beans for the sake of convenience, but do check out those labels. Some brands have far lower sodium levels than others.


3. Hash brown potato cakes

Try these hash browns in patty form for a delicious breakfast that is diabetic-friendly.


4. Spinach cakes

Say you’re trying to cut back on meat or load up on greens, such as spinach, or both. Well check out this recipe for spinach burgers and kill two birds with one stone. Intriguing!


5. Zucchini patties

Another yummy candidate for Meatless Mondays is this recipe for zucchini patties, which may be more palatable for those who don’t care for spinach or a bit weirded out by it in patty form.


6. Spicy salmon patties

Now hold on a sec, before you think this is yet another roundup that furthers a meat-free agenda, check out this recipe for spicy salmon patties. You can almost taste it, can’t you...


7. Toasty pumpkin chickpea fritters

Pumpkin and chickpeas come together in this flavorful fritter that will make even the staunchest meat-eater not even realize they are chowing down on a vegan recipe.  


8. Tuna patties

Tuna sandwiches and tuna melts in particular are all well and good, but you must try this recipe for tuna patties.


9. Crab cakes

We would be remiss to leave out crab cakes from this roundup. And since crab cakes are synonymous with Maryland, we love this recipe, which incorporates Old Bay seasoning.