9 delicious ways to make kohlrabi


Pale-green kohlrabi

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Kohlrabi is a pale-green, sometimes purple, vegetable that looks like a turnip with leaves coming out of the top, and with good reason: The name translates to “turnip cabbage.” You may already be familiar with this vegetable if you belong to a CSA, frequently purchase produce at a farmers market or are a foodie who already knows all the things. But those who haven’t yet tasted this delightful veggie are missing out. Here’s a quick look at kohlrabi, as well our 15 favorite recipes that make it the star ingredient.


Don’t call it a comeback

According to Vegetarians in Paradise, it used to be a favorite among European nobles and peasants alike, but has since taken a back seat to broccoli, asparagus and cauliflower. But there’s room at the table for all the vegetables, and kohlrabi does seem to be embarking on a renaissance of sorts. It doesn’t hurt that the vegetable is available year-round, as Vegetarians in Paradise points out, with its peak season and sweetest flavor in spring through early summer. And it definitely doesn’t hurt that it’s low in calories and rich in fiber and vitamins. Good deal!


Gimme some

The general consensus among fans of kohlrabi is that you should avoid larger bulbs because they are tougher, so stick with medium-size bulbs. BBC’s Good Food agrees, adding that when picking your kohlrabi you should make sure the leaves are intensely green and that the bulb is free of soft spots and blemishes.

So what are you waiting for? Get thee to the market for some kohlrabi and get ready to make any or all of the following nine recipes. Why should the foodies have all the fun?


1. Kohlrabi carrot fritters with avocado cream sauce

Kohlrabi carrot fritters with avocado cream sauce

OK, so it’s fritters, but if you’re going to indulge, you may as well use a vegetable that isn’t super starchy and just adding to your overall calorie count. Plus, this recipe by A Couple Cooks includes an avocado cream sauce that made us salivate. You know how we feel about avocados, after all.


2. Vegetarian spring rolls with shredded kohlrabi

Vegetarian springs rolls with shredded kohlrabi

The New York Times tends to know what it’s talking about when it comes to nommy food, and that’s certainly the case with this recipe it featured for vegetarian spring rolls that includes shredded kohlrabi. Nom!


3. Kohlrabi turnip gratin

Turnip and kohlrabi gratin

Anything gratin is probably going to be delicious. We were especially tickled by this recipe by What’s For Lunch, Honey? that adds turnips to the turnip lookalike for a gratin that packs flavor without all the extra calories you get from potatoes.


4. Kohlrabi fries, two ways

Kohlrabi fries

Yes, fries, but these are baked, so no need to feel guilty. Lizzy in the Kitchen offers two recipes: one spicy, the other not, so that everyone is happy.