9 foods you must try if you visit Spain


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Planning a trip to Spain anytime soon? Well, as you check off places you’ve always wanted to see there in your dog-eared guidebook, make sure you also make time to savor the cuisine. Without further ado, here are 9 things you must try if you visit Spain.


1. Paella

Whether you go with the Valenciana (meat), the seafood or the mixed — or even the vegetarian (don’t be shy about asking!) — you must try this dish at lunchtime, preferably at an outdoor café, at least once.


2. Churros and hot chocolate

You can never go wrong with fried dough. The Spanish cousin of the funnel cake, churros pair decadently with hot chocolate — and we’re not talking the watered down stuff, either. You’ll probably want to have this for breakfast every single day. It is fried dough, though, so control yourself. Then again, you’ll be doing all that walking, right?


3. Tortilla española

In its most basic form, eggs and potatoes come together in what Americans refer to as a casserole. And it will hit the spot after hours of walking at lunchtime with a nice glass or two of red wine.


4. Manchego cheese

Do not pass go or collect $200 until you try one of the most delicious, flavorful sheep cheeses you will ever eat.


5. Tapas!

Come to think of it, do not pass go or collect $200 until you enjoy tapas, which may include Spanish olives, Serrano ham, chorizo, bread and Manchego cheese, among other savory bocadillos.


6. Gazpacho

Definitely have some gazpacho if you go anywhere in Spain, but have it especially if you go to the cold, tomato-based vegetable soup’s birthplace, Andalucía.


7. Fabada asturiana

This bean and sausage stew is similar to France’s cassoulet. Although it originates in the Principality of Asturias, you can get it pretty much anywhere throughout Spain.


8. Sangria

Wine, brandy and fruit in a glass. Need we say more? Bottoms up.


9. Crema Catalana

The Catalan cousin of crème brulée, this is one dessert you must not skip.


Have you been to Spain? Planning to go? From there? What have you tried or are planning to try? Let us know in the comments!