9 French toast recipes for mom on her special day


French toast mit blueberries

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This Sunday show mom how much she means to you by preparing a lovely brunch in her honor. Each of the following nine recipes for French toast look and taste decadent but, in fact, are lightened up, healthier versions. And since you won't be consuming a whole bunch of empty calories, you'll have plenty of room for a mimosa, a Bloody Mary or both!



1. Skinny Crunchy Stuffed French Toast Recipe

Savory Nothings 

Savory Nothings whips up this better-for-you breakfast that will make mom feel like she's indulging. Stuffed with strawberries and cream cheese, this French toast is also coated in a delicious crunchy cinnamon crust. Oh, happy day!


2. Skinny Banana French Toast Bake


SkinnyMom takes French toast to a whole new level of yum! This recipe does take a little time to make — you have to refrigerate it overnight before baking it — but mom is well worth the extra effort, as are the delicious results.  


3. Lightened Up Crème Brûlée French Toast


Hands up if you ever thought you'd ever have a skinny version of crème brûlée. SkinnyTaste always  delivers. The original recipe was loaded with butter and half-and-half cream, but mom will never even miss any of those heavy, fattening ingredients when she bites into this lightened up, make-ahead baked French toast casserole. Serve with fresh fruit.


4. Slow Cooker French Toast Casserole

Skinny Ms. 

Skinny Ms. takes French toast out of the pan and into our best friend the slow-cooker. Healthier and easier to prepare, this French toast is still rich and sweet.


5. Blueberry Lemon Overnight French Toast Gluten and Dairy Free


Whipperberry scored a trifecta with this overnight French toast. It's gluten- and dairy-free and there's no added sugar. If you're thinking it probably tastes like dry cardboard, think again! The honey, vanilla soymilk and blueberries will make you absolutely forget the gluten-free bread. Who knew gluten-free could be this good? (Well, we do keep telling you…)


6. Clean Eating Coconut French Toast

The Gracious Pantry 

The Gracious Pantry had us at coconut.


7. Mixed Berry French Toast

Emily Bites 

Emily Bites balances the tartness of the berries with the sweetness of the brown sugar crumble. And it's so easy to make: just pour the ingredients into a baking dish the night before, chill overnight and bake the next morning for delicious results. The top should be a little crispy, and the bottom soft without being too mushy.


8. Pumpkin Baked French Toast

Chocolate Covered Katie 

You'd never guess that Chocolate Covered Katie's made-from-scratch breakfast casserole with sweet cinnamon and creamy pumpkin is just 95 calories per serving and just two Weight Watchers points (under the new system). Go ahead and give mom two helpings with a side of zero guilt.


9. Protein Gingerbread French Toast

Dashing Dish 

Dashing Dish creates magic with almond milk, low sugar maple syrup (or honey if you don't have it) and vanilla or plain protein powder. The best part? You and mom get to feel full with just 85 calories per slice. Breakfast win.