9 ingenious nightlights to help guide you to the bathroom


Metropolis Rainbow Night Light

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Is there anything more annoying than getting a call from nature in the middle of the night? Stop walking into walls and blinding yourself with harsh overhead lights and invest in a nightlight. But not just any old nightlight. Try any of these totally inspired inventions that will lead any groggy riser safely through the dark.


1. Glo Nightlight with Glowing Balls

Glo Nightlight with Glowing Balls

Guide your way through your house at 3 a.m. with these glowing balls that you take with you. The base charges the balls, which glow for up to 30 minutes once you remove them.

Price: $79.99


2. BrightFeet Slippers

BrightFeet Slippers

Slip on a pair of BrightFeet Slippers and never walk face first into your bedroom door at night again. The LED lights turn off after a delay of a few seconds once you take them off. 

Price: $19.99


3. Kohler Nightlight — Lighted toilet seats

Kohler Nightlight — Lighted toilet seats

Kohler toilet seats with Nightlight will get you safely to your porcelain throne without having to switch the light on in your bathroom. It features two LED light displays that illuminate the toilet in a soft glow — so you'll never fumble for the toilet paper again.

Price: $66 - $2,196


4. LED Lighted Reading Glasses

LED Lighted Reading Glasses

Read in the dark with these Panthervision Lighted Reading Glasses, which feature tiny LEDs built into the temples that put the light where your eyes look.

Price: $12.98