9 margaritas that will help you get your Cinco de Mayo groove on


have a margarita

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Are you ready to celebrate Cinco de Mayo all weekend by washing down delicious Mexican food with some fantastically refreshing margaritas? We know we sure are. Get in the spirit with these 9 delicious margaritas.


1. Chipotle grapefruit margarita

Chow down on these chili-dusted fish tacos while sipping this tart and spicy margarita.


2. Skinny mango margarita

Sip on this skinny mango margarita while contemplating the 10 hottest peppers that you might use in that next Mexican dish you whip up.


3. Watermelon jalapeno margarita

This watermelon margarita with a kick of spicy courtesy of the jalapeno pepper goes quite nicely with some tofu fajitas. Because vegetarians drink, too. Bottoms up!


4. Pink lemonade margarita

Like the watermelon jalapeno margarita, this pink lemonade margarita is like the perfect summertime teaser. Enjoy a glass or three while dipping tortilla chips in some broccomole. Yum!


5. Cranberry pomegranate margarita

Oh, boy, do we love pomegranatealmost as much as we love avocados — so it’s no surprise that we fell in love with this cranberry pomegranate margarita at first sip.


6. Pineapple margarita (with honey!)

Enjoy some pineapple honey margaritas while you wait for these black bean and quinoa enchiladas with salsa verde to come out of the oven.


7. Blood orange margarita

Are you imbibing on a glass of ambrosia or is that a blood orange margarita? Blood oranges are as gorgeous as they are tasty and make this margarita especially mouthwatering. Indulge while making some homemade taco seasoning.  


8. Lavender margarita

Wow everyone at your Cinco de Mayo party with this lavender margarita and this Southwestern kale salad with chipotle-avocado dressing.


9. Sangria margarita

Sangria? Margarita? No need to choose! Mix them together and savor the perfect combination while having some vegetarian loaded nachos.