9 mouthwatering egg dishes from around the world


Scotch eggs

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If a hearty breakfast or breakfast for dinner is what you're after, then check out these delicious egg dishes from around the world.


1. Austrian Egg Cake

Mr. Breakfast 

Mr. Breakfast explains that in Austria, this dish is called Eierkuchen. Beaten eggs and bread crumbs combine to form a tender savory breakfast cake.


2. Chinese Steamed Egg

China Sichuan Food 

Chinese steamed egg is also called Chinese steamed egg custard. This recipe featured on China Sichuan Food combines egg, water, salt and some sesame oil for super smooth results. You can beef it up, if you will, with meat or mushrooms if you'd like some for dinner.


3. Indian-Style Scrambled Eggs (Egg Bhurji)

The Kitchn 

The Kitchn explains that in Indian cuisine, eggs are usually paired with onions, tomatoes and spices. Egg bhurji — or Indian-style scrambled eggs — is usually served with buttered roti as part of a hot breakfast at home, or in fresh pav, Indian-style bread rolls.


4. Huevos Motuleños

Photograph by Romas Foord for the Guardian 

Rick Bayless' recipe for Mexican motul-style eggs was featured on The Guardian. Crispy tostadas are topped with black beans and eggs prepared sunny-side up. This is covered in a roasted tomato sauce made with habanero chilies, and served with ham, peas, crumbled queso fresco and slices of sweet-fried plantain. You won't be hungry for days.


5. Kefta, Tomato and Egg Tagine

Photo by David Loftus for Food Republic 

This recipe, which appeared originally in A Month In Marrakesh and was featured on Food Republic, is made with miniature meatballs called kefta. Vegetarians can use Quorn-brand meatless balls or make their own with some TVP. The meatballs are cooked in a cumin and cinnamon-spiced tomato sauce and surrounded by baked eggs. Serve hot with a loaf of crusty bread.


6. Baghali Ghatogh

Photo by Ali Farboud for Saveur 

Saveur  featured this recipe from northern Iran wherein the eggs are cooked with dill-scented lima beans for the ultimate in comfort food.


7. Scotch Egg

Jamie Oliver 

Have you ever had a Scotch egg? It's soft, crunchy and meaty. According to Jamie Oliver, a proper Scotch egg should have a lovely runny middle and a golden, crispy outside. It's true, so be sure to check out his recipe.


8. Tunisian Vegetable Tagine

Eating Well 

This Tunisian tagine featured on Eating Well is a "streamlined" version of your typical fragrant vegetable stews common around the Mediterranean. Flavored with a North African spice blend, it's simplified by using precut, frozen bell peppers and onions.


9. Menemen

Photograph by J. Kenji Lopez-Alt for Serious Eats 

Menemen — or Turkish scrambled eggs — are softly cooked with onions, peppers, paprika and oregano. The eggs are scrambled just until barely set, mixed with tomatoes, chilies and tons of olive oil, explains Serious Eats. Because Turkish peppers may be difficult for you to find, Serious Eats recommends using shishito, padrón or Chinese long green peppers instead. Lastly, if you score Aleppo or Urfa chilies, you can use them in place of the paprika for a more authentic flavor.