9 mouthwatering recipes that will change your mind about celery root (celeriac)


celeriac or celery root

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Whether you call it "celery root" or "celeriac," don't judge this late autumn/winter root vegetable by its… cover. It's ugly, perhaps more so than any of the other root vegetables we’ve covered in the past. Worse, perhaps, it looks intimidating to those who consider themselves amateurs in the kitchen, so — if they even notice the poor celery root — they opt for a more user-friendly vegetable, such as parsnips. And they'd be missing out.

Cooked celeriac has been described as earthy, buttery and silky. You'll taste a hint of celery — the root vegetable's cousin — and when paired with a starch like potatoes, you'll pick up on its subtle nuttiness as well. You can eat it raw in a salad, throw it in a soup, or roast it, braise it or mash it up on its own or with some russet potatoes.

But first you have to negotiate that rough exterior. How do you deal with it once you get it home? Check out this video:

Ready to cook? Here are nine recipes to help get you started.


1. Celery Root and Apple Salad

Gourmande in the Kitchen 

Gourmande in the Kitchen's recipe for celery root salad is a lighter take on the French classic called céleri rémoulade. Instead of mayonnaise, it calls for a vibrant mustard vinaigrette.


2. Celery Root Soup


Celery root is paired with potatoes and apples, and then puréed into this silky soup featured on Chow. Despite that creamy consistency, the soup contains zero heavy cream. You can thank the celeriac. Enjoy a bowl without clogging up your arteries and having to blow a small fortune on clothes that are the next size up.


3. Herb-Baked Celeriac

BBC Good Food 

If you tackle this recipe for herb-baked celeriac featured on BBC Good Food you're going to have to really make sure you clean the bulb thoroughly. After you season it, you'll be baking the celery root for two hours, skin and all. Controversial!


4. Potato and Celery Root Rosti

Source: Martha Stewart 

Martha Stewart brings it — as usual — with this gorgeous potato and celery root rosti. This is a nice substitute for fried latkes, which can be a bit of a pain to make.


5. Celeraic & Chevre Fennel Agnolotti

Local Milk 

Just look at that gorgeous dish prepared by Local Milk. The textures and flavors complement one another exquisitely.


6. Celeriac Pasta with Puttanesca Sauce

My New Roots 

Move over spaghetti squash, because this ugly duckling is about to steal some of your thunder. Check out this recipe from the aptly named My New Roots, which makes celeriac pasta. The results: Tender, creamy and with the slightest bit of nuttiness. The war on carbs just got a little more interesting.


7. Provencale Celeriac Paté


You want to get really fancy? Check out this recipe for cruelty-free paté. This ain't any old regular bean hummus rolled up in herbs and spices, writes Earthsprout. It firms up in the fridge so you get clean slices without any of the crumbly mess. Mmm, ecstatic.


8. Beef and Barley Stew with Mushrooms

Source: Simply Recipes 

If celeriac is wonderful in soup, do you imagine what it tastes like in a nice, hearty stew? Imagine no longer, and make this delicious dish from Simply Recipes so you can nom for yourself.


9. Salmon with Mustardy Celeriac Mash

BBC Good Food 

Celeriac mash, made with mustard, lemon juice, a pinch of sugar, salt, pepper and olive oil, serves as the creamy, silky bed for the salmon filet in this succulent dish featured on BBC Good Food.