9 ridiculous kitchen gadgets we can’t believe exist


Colorful doughnuts

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If you walk down the kitchen aisle in your nearest Walmart or Target, you’ll see hundreds of kitchen gadgets in all sorts of colors, shapes and sizes. While browsing, it may be tempting to add a new fancy tool to your cooking arsenal. Don’t do it! Some kitchen gadgets are borderline ridiculous and not worth your hard-earned money.

Here are nine ridiculous kitchen items we can’t believe exist:


1. Margarita maker

We’re not anti-margarita, but we are anti-waste-money-on-silly-things. Pro tip: If you want to make margaritas, invest in a blender, not this margarita slush maker. With a quality blender (like a Ninja), you can make delicious margaritas anytime you want, plus use it for smoothies, soups, salsas and just about anything else you want to chop up.


2. Corn peeler

Cutting corn directly off the cob is great for salads or any dish that calls for fresh kernels. But, we’re pretty confident you don’t need a designated corn peeler to do this. Just use a sharp paring knife!


3. Automatic pepper grinder

If you’re really so lazy that you can’t twist a pepper grinder two or three times for a bit of fresh ground pepper, then by all means, invest in this grinder. Otherwise, this one's a hard pass.


4. Mini waffle stick maker

It’s not clear why you would ever need mini waffle sticks (as opposed to just a regular waffle), but it’s safe to say its not worth the price. Avoid spending the cash on this turquoise mini waffle stick maker and go with a full-sized one, instead.


5. Electric can opener

Our No. 1 reason to skip electric can openers? They’re incredibly hard to clean and properly sanitize. Because they can’t be washed with water, bacteria loves to grow under that electric lid. Plus, it can occupy precious countertop real estate. No thanks!


6. Soft pretzel maker (with cheese dip warmer)

As advertised, you can make five pretzels in just five minutes with this soft pretzel maker. But, we can think of about 20 other things that could make better use of your kitchen countertop for this price, like a new knife set, for starters. 


7. Tomato corer

Unless your daily diet consists only of some strange combination of salsa, bruschetta and tomato soup, it’s a pretty safe bet you don’t need to worry about removing the top stem of your tomatoes all that often, so you certainly don’t need this tomato corer. When you do need to core a fresh tomato, use a knife or a spoon to core it instead.


8. Mini Doughnut Factory

It’s not clear whether this mini doughnut “factory” is a ridiculous kitchen gadget or pure genius, but that may depend on how much you relate to Homer Simpson. If you’re limited on storage space in your kitchen, or if you're on a budget, it’s probably best to avoid this guy.


9. Citrus sprayer

Yep, this is exactly what it sounds like. For those of us who find it too difficult to slice a lime or lemon in half and squeeze out the juices, this 4-piece sprayer will (maybe) take care of all of your citrusy woes.


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