9 ways to have eggs for dinner



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You have to be living under a rock to not yet know the joy that is having breakfast for dinner. To that end, we’ve rounded up nine ways that you can have eggs for dinner. These dishes are tasty, filling and a nice way to change up your usual dinner fare.


1. Eggs Florentine

Basically, this is eggs Benedict sans bacon or ham, and therefore vegetarian-friendly. This recipe for eggs Florentine with smoky Mornay sauce features a garlicky bed of spinach. And don’t worry about the Mornay sauce — it’s not difficult to make. Just add some milk if you think it’s too thick. 


2. Veggie quinoa breakfast bowl

Veggies, quinoa and fried eggs with the telltale runny yolk make the veggie quinoa breakfast bowl a flavor explosion that is perfect for dinner. Enjoy the savory goodness!


3. Slow-cooked Tuscan kale with pancetta, breadcrumbs, and a poached egg

Here’s an eggsellent (we had to do it at least once, no?) way to make kale more palatable to someone who might not be its greatest fan. In this recipe, kale plays third fiddle to pancetta and a poached egg. Will anyone really think of the kale once it’s covered in that runny yolk goodness? Maybe not!


4. Beans on toast with topped with fried egg

All you have to do is toast the bread, heat up the beans and fry an egg — it’s as simple as it is delicious and is arguably the ultimate in comfort food. The best beans to use are the Heinz imports from across the pond. Of course you can use the American counterpart, but they do have a bit more sugar.


5. Baked egg in avocado cup

Edible bowls are great. Edible bowls that happen to be avocado are greatest, however. And really — what’s not to love about an egg baked inside an avocado?


6. Udon soup with bok choy and poached egg

If you feel like soup has to be creamy to be filling then this recipe for udon noodle soup, featuring bok choy (yum) and a poached egg, might just prove you wrong. The egg adds a little protein and density to a soup that does not rely on half-and-half or heavy cream to deliver satisfaction.  


7. Huevos rancheros

The cowboys of eggs, y’all, these babies can be scrambled or fried (fry them) and are served on a warm tortilla and covered in a tomato-based sauce. Runny yolk plus salsa equals nom cubed. As with any dish, people’s take on it varies. Here’s one recipe that made us salivate and lick our monitors.


8. Leek Manchego Spanish tortilla

If you ever go to Spain, there are a few things you must try: churros and hot chocolate, paella and a Spanish tortilla. Fifteen Spatulas brings Spain to you — in case you can’t pack those bags just yet — with this recipe for leek Manchego Spanish tortilla. It’s like a slice of savory pie that you must try. Because Manchego.  


9. Eggs in hash brown nests

Baked eggs in hash brown nests, people, brought to you by the Pioneer Woman herself. Her step by step guide is worth following. Hash browns become edible bowls? Yes, please.