9 ways to have your quesadilla for breakfast or dessert


fruity quesadilla

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We will never tire of extolling the glorious goodness of the versatile quesadilla. You know you've found a winning dish when its healthier adaptations are just as delicious, if not (arguably) more so, than the decadent original. The real beauty of a quesadilla is not so much that you can have a different healthy one every night for weeks on end, but that you don't have to limit yourself to savory lunch and dinner options. You can whip up a fruit filling for a sweet treat that you can enjoy as dessert or, even better, breakfast. Here are nine recipes to get you started.


1. Peanut Butter, Strawberry, & Banana Quesadillas

Ambitious Kitchen 

Ambitious Kitchen's peanut butter, strawberry and banana quesadillas are perfect not just for dessert or breakfast but also make for an optimal pre- or post-workout snack.


2. Chicken & Pineapple Quesadillas

Budget Bytes 

Budget Bytes combines chicken with pineapple, red pepper flakes, black beans, spring onions and cilantro. The result is fresh, filling, gooey and crispy all at the same time. Budget Bytes recommends making the filling ahead of time and refrigerating so you can make fresh, hot quesadillas throughout the week.


3. Blueberry Breakfast Quesadilla

Green Lite Bites 

Green Lite Bites combines cinnamon cream cheese and blueberries for delicious results. The best part is that you need only three ingredients and a few minutes to prepare it. Nice!


4. Prosciutto Fig Quesadillas

Lauren Kelly Nutrition 

Lauren Kelly Nutrition decided to take the prosciutto out of the salad and sandwich and put it, instead, in this easy-to-make quesadilla. Balance the saltiness with some sweet figs.


5. Peach and Brie Quesadillas

Cooking Light 

Cooking Light featured these gorgeous quesadillas made with ripe, but still firm, peaches, paired with a lime-honey dipping sauce. If the peaches are too soft, they'll make the tortillas soggy.


6. Banana Nutella Quesadillas

Inside Bru Crew Life 

We had to include this recipe from Inside Bru Crew Life because Nutella.


7. Ham, Apple and Brie Quesadillas

Vinobaby's Voice 

Vinobaby's Voice adds apples to a regular ham and brie option.


8. Poblano, Mango, Avocado and Black Bean Quesadillas

The Picky Eater 

The Picky Eater whips up a sweet and spicy quesadilla that still has our mouths watering for more. The cheese melts all over the veggies, and is enhanced by the avocado's creaminess. Sounds pretty decadent, right? But as The Picky Eater points out, this quesadilla is secretly healthy and not-so-secretly delicious. Coming in at just about 300 calories, it can't fail.


9. Almond Butter Quesadillas with Pomegranate

Fit Foodie Finds 

Fit Foodie Finds got our attention with this unusual quesadilla. She made one with no cheese. "I could call it an Almond Butterilla, but I don’t think that translates into Spanish very well," she says. If you or any of your friends and family are lactose intolerant or allergic to dairy, you'll want to bookmark this one and give it a try.