9 ways to have your watermelon and eat it — or drink it — too



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Watermelon might just be the perfect summertime fruit — light, refreshing and delicious. But if you stop yourself from clearing fruit vendors and farmer’s markets of their stock because you’re afraid it may sit in your fridge for too long and go bad, then fret no longer. Here are nine different ways for you to enjoy your watermelon, leftovers included.


1. Watermelon chicken salad

Watermelon chicken salad

This recipe is perfect for those who like fruit in their salad. Here's an amazing flavor combination you may not have considered.  


2. Watermelon jam

Jars of watermelon jam

We dare you to give us a better way to keep leftover fruit from going to waste. Go on. Get your jam on.


3. Chilled watermelon soup

Chilled watermelon soup

We’re still huge fans of this chilled watermelon soup from The Modern Day Forager that’s just right for summer. Move over, gazpacho.


4. Watermelon pico de gallo

Watermelon pico de gallo

Pico de gallo is already a wonderful thing. Add watermelon for bonus awesome points.


5. Watermelon mojito pops

Watermelon mojito pops

Watermelon? In your mojito? It’s likelier than you think. And tasty, too!


6. Watermelon and goat cheese appetizer

Person holding tray of watermelon and goat cheese appetizers

It doesn’t get much simpler than this watermelon and goat cheese appetizer.


7. Honey-glazed grilled watermelon

Honey-glazed grilled watermelon

You know all about grilled fruit, but have you seen this recipe for honey-glazed grilled watermelon? Yum!


8. Watermelon jerky

Jar of watermelon jerky

You read correctly! Watermelon jerky. Because why should the meat-eaters have all the fun?


9. Russian pickled watermelon

Picked watermelon wedges served on green tray

We’ve already told you about all the veggies that you can pickle, but have we told you about pickling fruit? Check out this recipe for pickling watermelon that ran in Saveur.