A picture is worth a new career


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Do you flip through the pages of National Geographic or tune into the Discovery Channel and think, “I can do that.” If the answer is yes, then the Environmental Visual Communication program at Canada’s Fleming College may be right for you.

Now accepting applications, this new program is looking for students with knowledge of environmental science and the ability to use different media to help capture the world around us.

The program will take place at the Royal Ontario Museum in downtown Toronto where students will learn to use photography, videography and other media to help communicate important environmental and conservation issues. The program’s ultimate goal, according to the Fleming College website, “is to motivate the public to care about and become active participants in saving our planet.”

Aside from the warm fuzzies you will get for helping the environment, the Environmental Visual Communication program can lead to some great career opportunities, including:

  • Environmental communications consultant
  • Scientific communicator for science journals and publications, academic and research institutions
  • Environmental educator
  • Interpreter roles with national parks, zoos and more
  • Photographer, videographer, editor or multimedia producer for a variety of outlets and organizations
  • Freelance work

For admission requirements, deadlines, fees and other information on the program, click here.