Add some Halloween fun to your workout routine


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Halloween lets many of us become a different character for a day. Cosplayers know this feeling well. But you can also add some Halloween fun and fantasy to your exercise routine with one of the following workouts that combine fitness and gaming. Sometimes, that little extra bit of motivation and fun is exactly what we need to push through plateaus and kick butt!


Dare to be a hero

Have you ever wanted to train like a superhero or get fit while gaming? DAREBEE has tons of free exercise charts with workouts centered on characters from comics, video games and other geeky resources that make exercise fun and exciting for cosplayers, comic enthusiasts and RPG geeks everywhere. DAREBEE creator Neila DAREBEE/Neila Rey/Pac-Man workoutRey also devised these superhero workouts, which she says allow you to channel your inner badass and overcome adversity: “A little role-play when we exercise provides a different context for our minds to govern our bodies and that actually makes a whole lot of difference. So next time you think about exercise don’t think about what’s ‘good for you’ physically, or how you need to shed a little weight or tone up a little muscle. These things will happen, sure, but they are byproducts. Think instead that today you're Batman or Oliver Queen. That your city and people depend on you. That the odds you will face are impossible. That you must somehow persevere.”

In addition to popular comic book heroes such as Batman, Supergirl and Captain America, Rey has also created workouts for fans of video games such as Witcher and science-fiction and fantasy novels such as the Game of Thrones series. The workouts have instructions for varying levels of fitness and are cleverly planned; the Pac-Man workout, for instance, consists of several jack variations. Another awesome feature of DAREBEE is the RPG, or Role-Playing Games, workouts. Think Dungeons and Dragons for fitness, complete with maps and cards, where each workout moves you further along in the story. DAREBEE has workouts to suit a variety of needs, such as cardio, strength training, HIIT and even yoga, as well as 30-day fitness challenges, running tips and daily exercises dares, so you’ll never get bored. You’ll be in super shape before you know it!


Run for your life!

Zombies, Run! fitness app

I once participated in a Zombie Crawl in Brooklyn, not as a zombie, but as a victim, outfitted with a pack of gooey “intestines” to be ripped out by the hordes of people fully made up as zombies. Let me tell you, not much will make you run faster than being chased by a ghoulish crowd, especially when they start taking the whole “ripping-out-your-intestines” thing a little too seriously. If you’ve ever wanted to test how fast you’d run in an impending zombie apocalypse without being mauled by overenthusiastic cosplayers, try the fitness app Zombies, Run! It harnesses the power of zombie fright to turn you into a better, faster runner. This is role-playing taken to the next level. Zombies, Run! is free, but for more gameplay, you can upgrade to a paid subscription. There is also a version of the app that preps beginners for a 5K. (Bonus: the 5K version is compatible with older versions of Android.) This is a great app for those who want to start running but think that running is tedious, or anyone who’s in a slump and needs a little extra incentive to exercise. Zombies, Run! mixes the fun of a storytelling app with the motivational power of your favorite music and draws you into the game. The voice acting is high quality, and the story will hook you. (Make sure you stay aware of your surroundings and use the app safely.) Plus, the snippets of story are short enough to keep the music flow from being interrupted for too long.

Working out does not have to be a chore. You can bring the fun and magic of Halloween along with you year-round with these fun, interactive fitness games and challenges. Check with your doctor to see if these workouts are right for you, and get moving!