Agribeauty: Organic skin care straight from Napa Valley


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Hilary Glass, founder of Napa Organics, knows that there is much more to Napa Valley than wine. Growing up in the region, she learned at an early age that the same lush environment responsible for the renowned wine enjoyed worldwide helps produce some of the best ingredients for our skin. As a member of a ranching family — who has been living in the Napa area since the 1800s — Glass was encouraged at a young age to use oatmeal, honey, olive oil and other natural ingredients to care for her skin. In her older years, she began using a variety of commercial products but always found herself going back to her own stuff. Friends often asked her to make products for them and wondered she wasn’t yet in business for herself, and thus Napa Organics was born last fall. With no background in the beauty industry, Glass has relied on her own research and experience to create Napa Organics and goes by the mantra “skin care is not that complicated if you keep it simple.” This means using the natural ingredients she knows so well. Luckily for Glass, finding those ingredients is as simple as reaching out to her local family and organic farmers for the best products. She calls the San Francisco Bay Area the “epicenter of organic farming.” The terrific weather allows for things to grow year-round, allowing for farmers to push the envelope. And while most organic products are known to be expensive, Napa Organics’ products are moderately priced in order to encourage customers to try more natural beauty care. With so much thought put into their selection, it is not surprising that it is the ingredients — not the products — that make Glass so proud of Napa Organics. She is particularly excited about her use of plum oil, which — unlike other commonly used oils for skin care — has a fruity, almond smell and is rich in vitamins A and E. And thanks to prune production being a big industry in the Napa Valley, plum oil is readily available. Glass is also known to get calls directly from farmers about the availability of a new ingredient, allowing for her product line to constantly evolve. While Glass has no major expansion plans for Napa Organics, one area her company is exploring is the use of mud from the Napa region. The company is working on developing a clay mask that can be used to treat acne. Napa Organics products are currently available online and at select stores in Napa Valley.