Is alkaline water any better for you than regular H2O?


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Boosting metabolism, slowing bone loss and preventing diseases are just some of the claimed benefits of drinking alkaline water.

Brands like NEO claim alkaline water is “super water” much the same way that coconut-water brands like Vita Coco boasted amazing health benefits several years ago. But we wonder: Are the benefits of alkaline water worth the hype? Or is this just another case of marketing nonsense?

The short answer: You’re better off drinking regular water.

Drinking plain water is just fine, according to the Mayo Clinic. The claim is that the pH level in alkaline water is higher than regular H2O, so it neutralizes acid in the bloodstream. Most meats and processed foods have high levels of acid, so neutralizing the bloodstream — according to those who champion alkaline water — helps boost metabolism and allows the body to better absorb nutrients, yielding a plethora of health benefits.

Some doctors and scientists say that higher-quality research is needed for companies to make claims about improving diabetes, digestion issues, arthritis or weight loss. Some even claim that alkaline water could help prevent cancer. From a purely consumer point of view, some of these ionizing machines run $1,000 to $6,000 each, which is just bananas to us.

But there is little research to support those claims. While modern diets are more acidic, that acid winds up in urine, not in the body. Likewise, the body functions on a range of pH levels and can maintain proper pH without changing one’s diet.

While people who try an alkaline diet or alkaline water may see some health benefits, they’re usually not a result of the claims made about acid levels. Drinking more water always will make someone feel better, and consuming an alkaline diet, which is full of fruits and vegetables, will result in better control of diabetes and weight loss.