Alternative ways to get your kids to eat healthy


Upset little girl at dinner table

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Moms of picky eaters know that they take what they can get and worry about the nutritional benefits later.

You tried — you really did — to provide balanced meals for that child. But time and time again, he just pushed it aside or her lunch ended with an empty belly and face stained in tears. So when you discovered that ham steak or chicken nuggets were a hit with your little one, you didn’t want to rock the boat and have to start all over again. We get it, and we sympathize with you.

You don’t have to put so much pressure on yourself though!

The concern with childhood obesity during the last several years means that there are an abundance of resources available to parents and children alike to teach them about nutrition and healthy eating. These resources, too, are better than the stodgy nutritional pyramid that we used to learn about healthy eating. Schools, parents, doctors, government and health agencies are working hard to create educational materials that drive home a message of healthy eating, while also being fun. Let’s look at some alternative ways to help empower your child — even the pickiest of eaters — into choosing healthier foods to consume.

Game on!

The Center for Investigative Reporting used a videogame to teach children about health and nutrition. Again, this method of education teaches kids about calories, vitamins, nutrients and other things that are taught in health class. But this time there is a goal: the player who creates the healthiest lunch wins. Finally, learning about these concepts is fun, and those lunch combinations can be applied to school cafeterias around the United States.