Americans want organic food! Tips on how to get low-cost natural products


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More than half of Americans, when they have the opportunity, are reaching for organic products in lieu of conventionally produced ones. According to a study by Thomson Reuters and NPR, 58% of Americans prefer organic foods, and organic preference is highest in consumers younger than 35 years (63%) and with a bachelor’s degree or higher form of education (64%).

Maybe we’re not destined for a world of junk food and soda fountains à la “Idiocracy” after all! In addition to preferring organic products, Americans also want to see food labels indicating that their products are natural and organic. An EcoPulse survey conducted by the Shelton Group, an advertising and research firm that focuses on marketing green products to U.S. shoppers, surveyed 1,013 Americans and found that:

•    25% of consumers prefer to see “100% natural” or “all-natural” on food labels;
•    24% look for “USDA-certified organic” or “100% organic”; and
•    17% like products with labels claiming “Grown in the USA.”

Organic products’ biggest adversary, however, appears to be cost. Until Gail, our HellaWella Green editor, discovers how to grow money trees (organically, of course), most of us here at HellaWella have embarrassingly light wallets — and it’s probably safe to say that many Americans are the same way, thanks to the recession. Fifty-four percent of Americans surveyed in the Thomson Reuters/NPR study who preferred non-organic foods cited cost as the reason behind that choice.

If you’re one of those 54% who guiltily hurry their shopping carts past the supermarket’s organic section, 24/7 Wall St., a financial news and analysis website, suggested some great solutions, including pick-it-yourself farms, farmers’ markets and food co-ops.

By cutting out the middle man through pick-it-yourself farms and farmers’ markets, and utilizing the discounts available for co-op members, consumers can cut back on those grocery bills and still get the freshest all-natural foods — all while supporting local farmers!

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