And the Oscar goes to: 9 movie-inspired causes


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In honor of the 84th Annual Academy Awards, which aired on Feb. 26, here are nine  great causes inspired by the nine best picture nominees:

“War Horse” – If you love horses as much as the protagonist does in this film, then you should be supporting the ASPCA’s mission to fight equine cruelty. In fact, according to the ASPCA, it was the sight of a carthorse being beaten that inspired Henry Bergh to found the ASPCA.

“The Artist” – An homage to the movies, “The Artist” reminds us how important it is to preserve America’s great film heritage. Help support the National Film Preservation Foundations film preservation, access and exhibition efforts by clicking here.

“Midnight in Paris” – This film proves that Paris is magical in every century, thanks to being home to some of the world’s most iconic historical and cultural sites, including the Banks of the Seine and the Notre Dame Cathedral. You can learn how to help preserve Paris’ institutions by visiting United Nations’ World Heritage website.

“Moneyball” – “Moneyball” shows that with the right approach you can achieve a lot with very little. In fact, many have applied this logic to making environmental sustainability an economic possibility.  If you are more interested in how professional sports teams are being more sustainable, then check out this story from the HellaWella archives.

“The Descendants” – Without giving too much away, a central part of this film is whether the protagonist will approve the sale of his family’s Hawaiian land to developers. You’ll have to see the movie to find out what happens, but in the mean time, consider supporting the Hawaiian Islands Land Trust’s mission to preserve the lands and waters that make this state so beautiful.

“The Tree of Life” – This film deals with such heavy themes as the theory of evolution and the existence of a higher power. If you find yourself on the fence, The National Center for Science Education offers a list of organizations that promote discussion of science and religion. And if you want to support NCSE’s efforts to defend the teaching of evolution and climate change in public schools, you can do so here.

“The Help” – Although “The Help,” may have been set in the heart of the Civil Rights movement, domestic workers still face discrimination and unfair labor standards today. Learn how you can support efforts to obtain respect and dignity for these hardworking men and women by visiting Domesticworkersunited.org.

“Hugo” – Hugo’s life might have been a little better if he was adopted by a loving family instead of being forced to fend for himself in a Paris train station. Thankfully, adoption is an option for many children today, and organizations like The Center for Adoption Support and Education help these children, their families and those who work in children’s services get the continued support they need.

“Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close” – More than 10 years later, this film reminds us of how so many young children were affected by the attacks that took place on Sept. 11, 2001. It was these children that lead to the creation of Tuesday’s Children, an organization that now provides support to all children affected by terrorism around the world. Click here to donate.

Has a film ever inspired you to support a cause? Share your thoughts below.