Apple turns a lighter shade of green


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If you are a stickler for eco labels, you may notice that the latest Apple products no longer bear a key environmental rating. That is because the company has voluntarily withdrawn its products from the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool registry and will no longer be submitting products for rating.

“We regret that Apple will no longer be registering its products in EPEAT. We hope that they will decide to do so again at some point in future,” EPEAT noted in a statement on the matter.

So,why would Apple, which seems to be a pretty eco-minded company, choose to ditch the EPEAT program? According to the Wall Street Journal’s CIO blog, the answer may because Apple’s latest products are not designed to meet EPEAT standards. As CEO Robert Frisbee told the CIO, EPEAT products must be easy to disassemble so that they can be recycled.

“They said their design direction was no longer consistent with the EPEAT requirements,” Frisbee said. The company did not elaborate, Frisbee said. “They were important supporters, and we are disappointed that they don’t want their products measured by this standard anymore.”

While it may have lost one green ranking, Apple still makes a point of showing that it cares about the environment. You can learn more about that here.

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