Are you a germaphobe? Take the quiz and find out


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If you simply can’t fight the urge to take personality quizzes, we’ve found one perfect for the approaching days of fall: The Germ Personality Quiz!

So toss your current Cosmo and click away to find out if you’re a germaphobe or a roll-around-in-the-dirt kinda person in this quiz from Kimberly-Clark Professional. Then come back and find out how to protect yourself from germs — especially if you or someone you know has a come-what-may attitude.

Done? So are we. Drumroll please …

We are “Practical Protectors,” aka:

“Calm and responsible, you want to protect your family from germs, but don’t get all uptight about it. You’re OK with using any form of chemical product to kill germs.”

We’ll take it. But not everyone in your life may be as concerned with germs as you are. Unwashed hands, coughs that seize the wind, sneezes that miss the tissue — they can all spread to you, affecting your health no matter how careful you try to be. Here are some places and surfaces you should cautious of.

At work? Be wary of break rooms, handles, sinks, computer keyboards, water foundations and vending machine buttons.

Away from home? Keep an eye out for gas pumps, mailbox handles, escalator rails, ATM machine buttons and hotel surfaces.

At school? Watch out for bathroom stall door handles, classroom desks and door handles.

But please don’t lock yourself in your home until cold/flu season is over. Just check out our guide for staying healthy during the chilly weather.