Are you guilty of these 5 bad homeowner habits?


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We’re all guilty of a few bad habits here and there. Slouching or biting your nails won’t have any major consequences, but when it comes to homeownership, one bad habit can really set you back.

Breaking a habit can be tough, especially when you aren’t aware it’s “bad.” Not everything harmful for your house is obvious — some bad habits are easy to miss.

Here are five homeowner habits to kick to the curb:


1. Keeping your shoes on

Want to reduce the amount of dust, toxins and allergens in your home by as much as 85 percent? Leave your shoes at the door. That’s all you have to do to save your family a lot of sneezing and sniffling come cold and flu season.


2. Overlooking home inspections

Detecting certain issues early (like a rodent infestation or mold growth) can be the difference between a simple fix and a money-sucking catastrophe. At least once a year, take time to properly inspect your basementattic and roof.


3. Hiding your spare key in an obvious spot

Where is your spare key right now? If it’s under a mat or in a fake rock, it’s not very hidden. Easy-to-find keys leave your home susceptible to a break-in, which is never good. For a few new hiding spot ideas, read: Make James Bond Jealous: 5 Places to Hide a Spare Key.


4. Neglecting your gutters

“I love cleaning my gutters!” said no one, ever. It’s a slimy, nasty job, but it’s important to do it twice a year. Otherwise, you could be dealing with a waterlogged basement or roof damage caused by clogged gutters. Learn how to tackle gutter cleaning on your own or hire a professional cleaner to help before the season changes. Tip: While you’re at it, give your downspouts a good once-over, too.


5. Skimping on your savings

Do you find yourself shying away from contributing to your house fund? Have you started one yet? Better late than never. As a general rule of thumb, try to save 1 to 3 percent of your home’s initial purchase price each year. This will prevent any unexpected issues from becoming unaffordable disasters.


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